7 Things to Consider Before Choosing Sides in the Middle East Conflict | (… to name a few)

1. Why is everything so much worse when there are Jews involved?

2. Why does everyone keep saying this is not a religious conflict?

3. Why would Israel deliberately want to kill civilians?

4. Does Hamas really use its own civilians as human shields?

5. Why are people asking for Israel to end the “occupation” in Gaza?

6. Why are there so many more casualties in Gaza than in Israel?

7. If Hamas is so bad, why isn’t everyone pro-Israel in this conflict?

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Collective Punishment in Gaza | The New Yorker

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[... Punishing Palestinians for existing has a long history. It was Israel’s policy before Hamas and its rudimentary rockets were Israel’s boogeyman of the moment, and before Israel turned Gaza into an open-air prison, punching bag, and weapons laboratory. In 1948, Israel killed thousands of innocents, and terrorized and displaced hundreds of thousands more, in the name of creating a Jewish-majority state in a land that was then sixty-five per cent Arab. In 1967, it displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians again, occupying territory that it still largely controls, forty-seven years later.

In 1982, in a quest to expel the Palestine Liberation Organization and extinguish Palestinian nationalism, Israel invaded Lebanon, killing seventeen thousand people, mostly civilians. Since the late nineteen-eighties, when Palestinians under occupation rose up, mostly by throwing stones and staging general strikes, Israel has arrested tens of thousands of Palestinians: over seven hundred and fifty thousand people have spent time in Israeli prisons since 1967, a number that amounts to forty per cent of the adult male population today...]

Superpowers Seek to Establish Bases on the Greek Island of Crete | USA with Drones | China with Navy

The USA asked Athens for a new base for unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, on the island of Crete. According to the investigation of To Vima newspaper, the US has pressed the Greek government to decide whether to accept or reject the suggestion. They wanted the agreement to be signed in early June for a period of 6 to 12 months but this did not happen. Such requests are within the American strategic framework for counteracting Islamic terrorism and threats coming from the unstable south-east Mediterranean. – See more at: Full Article Here | GRreporter for VIMA
In the meantime…

Greece, a NATO ally, is considering hosting a Chinese Naval base smack dab in the middle of the eastern Mediterranean. What the Chinese might dock there has not been disclosed, but it could be more robust than the normal Soviet deployments.

According to a recent report, the Prime Minister of Greece said that Crete could serve as a regional node for the support, maintenance and repair of the Chinese Navy and the possibility exists for joint naval operations between Greece and China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy. See more at: Full Article Here | Freedomist

President Obama’s “Acting White”, and Rhetorical Acts of Erasure

[... It is ironic that a President with the linguistic style-shifting capabilities of Obama (see the work of Alim & Smitherman, 2012) had to engage in discourses of indigenous erasure. Even as Indigenous Peoples have historically and continue adapting to a more globalized world, we need to challenge the idea that we want indigenous youth in particular and Youth of Color in general to seek validation from a society where whiteness remains the gold standard. As President Obama mentioned, and I think he is right, of course we want our youth to learn math, engineering and science; many indigenous communities are creatively teaching their youth these subjects (and humanities) using their indigenous languages...]

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