A Very Interesting Story About Robert Downing Jr.

A Very Interesting Story About Robert Downing Jr.

[Whether you are or aren’t a fan of Robert Downey Jr, there’s a man behind the Iron Man suit, and his past is full of skeletons. The following account written by Dana Reinhardt; however, displays Robert’s true colours:
I’m willing to go out on a limb here and guess that most stories of kindness do not begin with drug addicted celebrity bad boys.Mine does.]  Dana Reinhardt


One thought on “A Very Interesting Story About Robert Downing Jr.

  1. This story pretends to be wonderful and warm and something about RDJ. What it is, actually, is a couple of rude, helpless, clumsy assholes who poo-poo guests at mother’s party, blamed the Vietnam Vet’s wheelchair needs for causing an injury to a woman who snubbed guests in favor of unidentifiable cheese cubes on paper plates sitting in the front, without paying, and wasn’t even interested in the presentations to remember who was speaking except the guy who’s wheelchair ramp got in her snobby, vain grandmother’s way, causing such serious gushing of blood that the poor granddaughter had to rest and close her eyes so she could spare herself from feeling sick over grandma bleeding to death. And the next available guy who could shout typical orders and use anything absorbent, creme colored or not, it was going to be ruined, to stop the bleeding because dear granddaughter has a thing about blood unless she’s watching it turn a peach jacket scarlet. Can’t get herself to say thank you, then drags us all in to be guilty with her if we ever wished we had said something when we didn’t. No Dana, you are an asshole. Who doesn’t say thank you but someone under age 3? So far, it’s all about you and nothing amazing that RDJ did that any other common bloke would have done, except you. Then, when you could have cheered him up in prison, after all, he is humanity personified and under such cruel and absurd punishment. Licking a stamp was too much effort the the greatest act of kindness you’ve ever witnessed. Then after 15 years, which would have been longer if he wasn’t unfortunate enough to have you willy nilly interrupt not only him, but his party, which could have been a special moment when you decide to abandon all decency and pick this time to thank him, but yay for overcoming your shyness the one time it might have saved face for you. He probably had no intention of remembering that wretched day where the hosts were cold as ice to him, ruined his jacket and got snubbed by the author because grandma revealed that she knew he was famous! How humiliating. WTF? And, if you forgot that he did drugs and went to prison, she was sure to continually remind us through this article that left out the one thing it promised. Something amazing. If I were RDJ, I’d read this and say, thanks for telling everyone who might have missed my dark days that I had some, that I was unimportant to a asshole old lady whom I had to help because her asshole granddaughter is useless, making it sound like a common human act was the best I have done, and that I was depressed and she caught me in a restaurant where I usually had more respect shown to me and my guests while dining, and intruded to remind me of a day I’d rather forget, when I count on the locals to know better. I don’t see how this was missed by almost every single commenter and republisher. It was a story of how cool Dana is despite ever doing a single cool thing, and that RDJ isn’t an asshole. Nothing amazing, but sure to remind us that he went to jail, nice picture of him in court, by the way, I wonder why the author thinks that’s all anyone remembers. I don’t think anyone had a pre-reading opinion of RDJ that this article enhanced or changed for the positive, it just SEEMED to be doing that. Nice try, but it was a bullshit story of assholes pimping RDJ’s name and shameful moments to make themselves seem big. Screw you. This was so riddled with bullshit, I would need volumes to do it justice, but that’s for another essay.


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