First Nations of the American West from Yesteryear | Source: Moses on the Mesa

1974391_627965227283760_2260711905113477770_o 10153931_628903193856630_2089997157961200515_n 10155841_626958870717729_2954207156101178069_n 10171165_628140163932933_7152494821336287171_n 10173719_629604933786456_4669993718670425411_n 10245452_625338654213084_7701191036471793821_n 10246792_626985124048437_5075657661008375339_n 10275445_630874026992880_3228635505899581845_o 10286997_629621067118176_4140943509541674627_o 10301542_629614797118803_766142051630442578_n 10313389_631414133605536_1110104871729166989_n


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