A tower of mushroom-bricks, 10 years of orbiting Saturn, and a village in Detroit for those who want to live fossil-fuel free

TED Blog

Several members of the TED community had notable news this week. Below, some highlights:

In 2010, Eben Bayer introduced a mushroom-based material that grows from agri-waste into any shape you want. It’s been used mainly as a packing material up to now, but this week, MoMA’s PS1 in Queens unveiled a soaring, sunny tower built of mushroom bricks that were grown in shiny metal molds. The 40-foot tower is temporary — at the end of the exhibit, the materials will simply be composted in local gardens. (Watch Eben’s talk, “Are mushrooms the new plastic?”)

Carolyn Porco fondly remembers the day 10 years ago this week when the Cassini spacecraft began its orbit around Saturn. She writes, “I fall again into the stupefying, nonverbal state of consciousness that came over me that night: a disorienting whirl of impressions, from a calming, almost numbing, sense of relief to brain-befuddling ‘We’re…

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