Armed and Unarmed Resistance | Cliven Bundy and Ferguson | A Comparison

Contrast that to what happened following the use of assault rifles pointed at the heads of local, state and federal officials by so-called “patriotic” “Tea Party” protesters during the Bundy Ranch standoff earlier this year. Yes, in that case, law enforcement officials also, ultimately, “backed down.” But they backed down to avoid what was a hair-trigger’s pull away from unspeakable violence.

Where the Ferguson demonstrations made the police look silly and dangerous, the armed-up protesters in Nevada made themselves look silly. More importantly, they actually provided, ironically, a twisted form of support to the notion that law enforcement needs to arm itself up, if only in self-defense.

In any event, little changed after the dangerous armed stand-off in the Nevada desert. Real change may come about, eventually, thanks to the peaceful — and very brave — resistance of the unarmed protesters in Ferguson.

Read the full article here | Salon



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