Clemson University, South Carolina | A Part of its History

“I attend Clemson University, which was founded on on lands donated by Thomas Green Clemson to the state of South Carolina. The land was previously the Fort Hill Plantation, and the main residence is open seven days a week, honoring Clemson’s willed wish that it “shall always be open for the inspection of visitors.”
Of course, I did not know there would be a plantation house operating as a museum at the university when I’d accepted the offer to attend, but more troubling, I thought, was the way history is told through communications published by and created for the university, and the strange relationship between those versions of history and the dedication to the athletics programs, particularly football, and the university’s “Solid Orange” campaign.
It seemed only logical to help create a better representation of those stories untold, from a historical perspective, and of the students who don’t feel that “Solid Orange” properly represents the diversity that exists presently at Clemson with a program to help Clemson, the surrounding communities and the world “See The Stripes.”


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