A Reading List of Ancient Greek Classics

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This selection of ancient Greek literature includes philosophy, poetry, drama, and history. It introduces some of the great classical thinkers, whose ideas have had a profound influence on Western civilization.
* On Nature | by Embedocles
* Jason and the Golden Fleece | by Apollonius of Rhodes
* Poetics | by Aristotle
* The Trojan Women and Other Plays | by Euripides
* The Histories | by Herodotus
* The Iliad | by Homer
* Republic | by Plato
* Phaedro | by Plato
* Apology of Socrates | by Plato
* Frogs | by Aristophanes
* Myths | by Aesop
* Greek Lives | by Plutarch
* Antigone, Oedipus the King, Electra | by Sophocles
* Prometheus Bound | by Aeschylus
* Oresteia | by Aeschulys
* Funeral Oration | by Pericles
* History of the Peloponnesian War | by Thucydides
* On Nature | Diogenes of Apollonia
… and Heraclitus of Ephesus

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