Misappropriating Utterances | The New Black Panthers (NBPP)

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[The idea that the NBPP is modern version of the Black Panther Party of the 1960s and 1970s, which was a militant but primarily service-focused organization, is summarily dismissed by everyone from civil rights groups, to scholars like Williams, to former Black Panther Party members. Instead, there’s a broad consensus that its extreme anti-white views and anti-Semitic rhetoric (more on that later) make it a hate group.

The group has a “ten-point platform.” It’s main theme is a push to eliminate the effects of institutionalized racism on African Americans and includes demands for the end of police brutality, exemption from taxation, the right to decent housing, and “education that exposes the truly devilish and decadent nature of American society.”  While probably not administrable, it’s not explicitly violent or hateful.

But the platform doesn’t capture the sort of rhetoric that has earned the NBPP the “hate group” label. The Anti-Defamation League puts it like this: “The group’s demonstrations, conferences, and other events often blend inflammatory bigotry with calls for violence, tarnishing its efforts to promote black pride and consciousness.”]



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