Perceptions are not Reality | Things the World Gets Wrong

Ipsos MORI | Poll | Perceptions are not reality: Things the world gets wrong.

Ipsos MORI’s new global survey, building on work in the UK last year for the Royal Statistical Society, highlights how wrong the public across 14 countries are about the basic make-up of their populations and the scale of key social issues.

For example, survey respondents in the 14 nations included in the study massively overestimate the unemployment rate, and the percentage of immigrants and Muslims in their country’s population. Most also believe that the murder rate is rising, even though it has actually been falling in every country. Even in Sweden, the country that scored highest, respondents are on average badly off on politically important issues such as the unemployment rate (which they think is 3 times higher than it actually is) and immigration (which they overestimate by “only” about 45 percent).

Read more: Political Ignorance Around the World | The Washington Post



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