Metaphysics of Pregnancy

In a discipline where, even today, white male dominance is the norm, pregnancy is largely absent.

While debates on reproductive ethics abound, the metaphysical questions associated with pregnancy have been largely left on the sidelines by philosophers. Joe Gelonesi talks to a bioethicist who wants to change that, and is seeking funding to examine classical and practical questions.

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[The conventional way we have understood the relationship between mother and foetus has been through the metaphor of one discrete piece fitting inside another—which is deeply flawed according to Kingma.

‘The implicit model we have that shines through is what I call the foetal container model, so that the pregnancy is literally a container and in the middle of the container there is a hollow in which sits the foetus—and there is no problematic part-whole relationship. It’s just like putting a bun in the oven that you can take out again.’]




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