The Immense Poverty of a Silent Majority | Greece, and her Melancholic Lack

On December 8, 2014, extensive damages, hundreds of Molotov bombs thrown from building tops, street fights, and looting by hooded men and women took place in Athens.

A regiment of roughly 300 anarchists threw Molotov bombs on the streets of Athens from rooftops. Police, fearing the situation may get out of control resulting in casualties and further damages, did not initiate a violent response. 296 individuals were arrested, and 46 were filed with criminal charges.

In the meantime in Greece corruption reigns supreme, violence and racism have skyrocketed, the few jobs left are shared by the traditional nepotist regime, and ski resorts are filled in >90% capacity by locals; under the cross-eyed gaze of the silent majority.

Police officer on fire after a Molotov bomb lands on him


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Socialist party SYRIZA attempts to move Syrian refugees protesting (and living) on Syntagma Square in Athens | KATHIMERINI

Prosecutor refers 32 to court over submarine bribery scandal | TO VIMA

From truth to the other choice | TO VIMA




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