Ancient Findings in Georgia Point to Probable Connection to Itza-Maya

[The first “real” archaeologist to realize a direct connection between Mexico and the Southeast was Dr. Roman Piña-Chan, Director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia de Mexico . . . and also one of the greatest archaeologists, who ever lived. I was just a dumb Gringo student and he was the coordinator of my fellowship. I sat in his office many a time in complete awe, as he pointed out such things as the copper crown worn by the “Great Suns” in Southeastern towns being identical to the crown worn by the Maya Sun God. Among his other observations was that the turbans worn by the famous marble statues found at Etowah Mounds, were exactly like the “badges” worn by Maya slaves. In fact, the first time he noticed the connection was with this comment, “Ricardo, why did your Indios make marble statues of slaves?” It is a shame that more “real” American archaeologists didn’t stop by his office when he was alive.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever of a Maya presence in Georgia. He is typing on this computer right now. Like most Georgia and South Carolina Creeks, I carry a trace of Maya DNA. I think you will find that some branches of the Seminoles and Cherokees also carry Maya DNA. There are many Maya and Totonac words in the Creek languages. The Creek house (chiki) was identical to the Totonac house (also called chiki.)

The people whom Georgia archaeologists call Hitchiti Creeks, called themselves, Itsate . . . pronounced It-zja-tee. The people that are generally called today Itza Maya, formerly called themselves Itsate . . . pronounced It-zja-tee. On my desk are site plans produced by archeological teams from several major universities that describe pentagonal earthen mounds built by the Itza Mayas in Chiapas and Belize, which are identical to those in Georgia, such as the Kenimer Mound. In short, if it builds the same buildings as the Itza Maya, says the same words as the Itza Maya, and has the same DNA as the Itza Maya . . . by golly, it must be an Itza Maya.]   Read the full article | The Examiner



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