The Kawaiisu Culture | Indigenous Peoples of North America

“Coyote was carrying a basket with many children in it. He grew tired and set the basket on the ground. The children came out of the basket and ran away. They scattered in every direction. Coyote tried to catch them, but he couldn’t. That is why people are all over the earth….

Coyote was thinking one day and realized there would be many people. Bug was worried that there would be too many people and they would have to eat dirt. Coyote said no, for if they did, they would eat up all the dirt. So Coyote decided The People should eat acorns, pinyon, chia and deer.”

Kawaiisu Culture | California Dept. of Parks and Recreation

Kawaiisu Culture and Language Center| Kawaiisu

Kawaiisu Language | Berkeley

Kawaiisu Indians |

Kawaiisu Tribe of the Tejon Indian Reservation | AngelFire



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