The Bengal Famines | 1770-1773 and 1943

[A lot is known about the hunger-holocaust in the Ukraine which was triggered by Stalin in the early thirties, to which about 7 million people fell victim. It is much less known that Britain enforced a similar policy in Ireland, followed for centuries in order to break the will to independence of the Irish. Almost completely unknown are the consequences which the British occupation policy had on the nutritional situation in India. Although the Indian subcontinent had always suffered from relatively severe famines, they were never as devastating as under the British occupation.]  The Unknown Famine Holocaust | CODOH

Also, A Forgotten Holocaust: The Bengal Famine of 1770 | Rational WIKI

[Colonial governments bear responsibility for preventing and mitigating famine. Bengal and Bihar suffered several disastrous famines under British rule — the famine of 1770 took approximately 10 million lives[1] — but few expected that it would happen again under the watch of a liberal democratic 20th century Britain. Indeed that expectation may be why the immense tragedy of 1943 event is largely overlooked.]  Great Bengal Famine of 1943 | Rational WIKI

Also, How Churchill “Starved” India | BBC


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