The Images of Black Africans who Fought in WWI | Photography as Memory and Testimony

[170,000 West African soldiers took part in the most decisive conflicts in France, enduring the brutality of combat, the ravages of frostbite and the deaths of their comrades in arms. They provided a significant contribution to crucial battles such as the bloody defense of Verdun in 1916 and the victorious counteroffensive of Reims in 1918 that led to the armistice a few months later. Their ordeal on French battlefields during World War I can be remembered not only through the veterans’ oral and written narratives but also in pictures. Although many are in black-and-white, the most vivid images are rare autochrome photographs whose original glass plates are kept at the Museum Albert Kahn in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the western suburbs of Paris.]

Survival and Death in a Faraway Land | The New York Times



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