Vandalism at Petroglyph National Monument Protecting Ancient Indian Art

[Vandals in New Mexico sprayed graffiti, dumped trash and set illegal campfires near ancient American Indian rock art at one of North America’s largest petroglyph sites.

Dennis Vasquez, superintendent of Petroglyph National Monument near Albuquerque, found graffiti, debris, evidence of campfires and motorcycle tracks last week while exploring a section of the park. He also found shotgun shells and semi-trailer tires in the monument’s canyon.

It was unclear if any of the thousands of centuries-old Pueblo Indian markings of symbols and animals were damaged.

City crews are removing litter and debris and restoring sections of downed fence at the park jointly managed by the National Park Service and Albuquerque. They will work to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible and try to prevent permanent damage.

No arrests have been made after vandals, armed with gold spray paint, wrote things like “taz,” ‘’Love Jesus,” and “Crazy Bone” over the lava rock….] Read the full article | Washington Post



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