When Racism is Condemned Only When it is Blatant and Impossible to Defend | The Case of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

[Racist songs about lynching are shameful, and it’s disheartening that people alive in 2015 think they’re fun and appear to be thrilled with their underlying sentiments.

But it’s important to remember that things like this don’t represent the kinds of racism that make life hard for African-Americans on a daily basis. The much more common issues faced by colleges students and people of color all throughout America have to do with structural inequality — which is maintained through deeply held prejudices against black people. Hateful tunes sung on buses by probably drunken frat boys reflect this prejudice, but they certainly don’t cause it. And although the SAE members deserved the discipline they got, individual punishments certainly don’t fix America’s racism problem.]

Read the full article | VOX



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