Challenging Assumptions, or New Orleans’ Eternal State of Suspended Animation | A Different Visual Point of View on Katrina’s Impact

[“The Rising” features work by 11 photographers, including some who lived in New Orleans before the storm and others who moved here since. While all share a common subject matter in the context of the show, most of their images avoid the kind of visual clichés that have come to characterize a large part of post-Katrina imagery.

“Instead of ‘disaster porn,’ we wanted to show the positive aspects of what’s happened since Katrina,” said Ogden Museum curator Richard McCabe, who organized the show. “This work is more of a metaphor for what’s happened in New Orleans over the last 10 years.”

As a result, “The Rising” challenges certain assumptions of how the storm affected the fabric of life in New Orleans.

And like the New Orleans Museum of Art’s excellent if even more opaque “Ten Years Gone,” running concurrently across town, it confounds expectations of what a “Katrina show” should be.

Sophie Lvoff’s dreamy cityscapes show a New Orleans in an eternal state of suspended animation seemingly untouched by any kind of outside influence, meteorological or otherwise.]

Read the article and see the photographs here | THE NEW ORLEANS ADVOCATE




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