This is What the Greeks Called A (Tragic) Irony

To celebrate the anniversary of the Beatle’s beloved album “Imagine,” -which coincides with the anniversary of 9/11-, we recount some of the terrible things John Lennon did during his life.

[All of this information is widely available, much of it having come from Lennon’s own mouth, yet our cultural fascination—nearing martyrdom—with the man persists. It pains me to admit that I have been culpable in the complacency, for from ages approximately 12 to 15 I owned and espoused a version of the cool-leaning-John Lennon-wearing-a-New York City-T-shirt T-shirt, in the color sky blue. That I bought it at a factory discount outlet and likely did not contribute to its profitability does little to quiet my screaming guilty conscience, but I reassure myself with the fact that at least I have never popped on the White Album during my barista shift. I like a pointy-nosed British man with cool glasses as much as the next millennial woman, but come on.]

You Don’t Have to ‘Imagine’ John Lennon Beat Women and Children—It’s Just a Fact | BROADLY



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