The Professor of 3 No-s Who Received the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine


“In China, she refers to herself as the professor of ‘the three nos’ — no post-grad degree, no experience working abroad, no membership in the Chinese academy of sciences,” says science writer Phil McKenna. Tu was recognized with a Nobel prize for rediscovering artemisinin, a plant derivative that has significantly reduced death rates from malaria. Her contribution isn’t widely acknowledged today, even in her home country.

“There was this scroll from 400 AD and ironically it was called ‘Emergency Treatments Kept Up One’s Sleeve'” — ironic because it had been kept up China’s sleeve for hundreds and hundreds of years, McKenna says.

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Answering an Appeal by Mao Led Tu Youyou to a Nobel Prize | NEW YORK TIMES

Kampbell, Omura and Youyou Win Nobel Prize for Medicine | THE GUARDIAN


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