Hugh Laurie and James McAvoy to Star in Unseen Hitchcock and Orson Welles Thrillers

[Sherlock and Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss will direct Laurie in Hitchcock and Lehman’s The Blind Man, a thriller about a blind pianist who receives the surgically transplanted eyes of a murder victim. Laurie, who has a successful recording career as a jazz pianist, said: “The first time I read [The Blind Man] it was like finding a pre-war Bugatti in a barn. We swept off some of the chicken droppings, cranked the handle, and it started first time. It was a thrill and a delight to be involved.” The script was discovered by radio producer Laurence Bowen in a research institute in Texas, along with handwritten notes and letters exchanged between the writers, who had previously collaborated on 1959’s North by Northwest.

Meanwhile, McAvoy leads an adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s classic novel Heart of Darkness, based on a 1939 screenplay by Orson Welles, written shortly before he began work on Citizen Kane. Welles had intended to play both the hero and the antagonist, appearing not only as the megalomaniac ivory trader Kurtz, but also as Marlowe, who travels up the Congo River to find him. McAvoy will now star in both roles. Welles’s script has only been performed once before, in a one-off 2012 stage-production by the Turner Prize nominated artist Fiona Banner.]    Read the full article here | THE TELEGRAPH



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