A Mother and Her Baby

1111111 AH

IAR’s team has come to the urgent rescue of a wild orangutan and her infant from the forest fires burning in Borneo during the long dry season caused by El Niño | Photo by International Animal Rescue

In the midst of the global environmental crisis already considered by experts as “the worst man-made ecological disaster of the century” there are wildlife rescue teams desperately trying to save the lives of the few remaining orangutans in the wild.

Since then IAR’s teams in Ketapang have risked their lives to rescue 14 orangutans, some directly from fires or from the smouldering forests.

“Terrible fires continue to rage through Borneo and Sumatra and threaten the survival of orangutans. Please continue to share this – people need to know the horrors that our team are dealing with.”

Thank you.

Read the full story here | RESHAREWORTHY

International Animal Rescue



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