Millennials and Fauxcest

Why Do Millennials Love Fauxcest Porn So Much? | MIC

Fauxcest, or fictional incest porn, has been one of the fastest growing X-rated genres in recent years. While a significant portion of the genre centers on coital relations between stepparents and stepchildren (or between stepsiblings), fauxcest can also feature two unrelated actors playing actual relatives.

Jeff Dillon, vice president of the adult content site GameLink (NSFW), told Mic fauxcest porn didn’t make a comeback until about two years ago, when the adult studio Forbidden Fruits Films reinvigorated the genre. Since then, adult entertainment has been inundated with it.

“To say it has increased in popularity 1000% would be an understatement,” Dillon said. “Once other studios saw the demand for this type of content they started to produce the family role-playing movies to meet demand.”

And who, exactly, is driving the demand for this content? Why, millennials, of course.

Given the near-universality of viewing incestuous sexual relationships as taboo, it seems unlikely that anyone would have an inherent predilection for simulated daddy-daughter intercourse. Yet the trend is clear: Millennials are into fauxcest.




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