The Master’s Crypt | Aristotle’s 2,400-year-old Tomb in northern Greece

The discovery will be formally announced Thursday at an international conference, the “Aristotle 2400 Years” World Congress, held in Thessaloniki.


[The tomb is a mounded dome about 32 feet high, with a marble floor dated to the Hellenistic period, reported the Greek Reporter website — which published several photos taken at the site. It is located in the center of Stagira, with sweeping 360-degree views, which signifies its importance.

Evidence suggests the tomb was hastily constructed and later finished with higher quality materials. A pathway leads to the entrance of the tomb, which was destroyed by the Byzantines — who built a square tower on top of it.

Aristotle, who studied under the great philosopher Plato, is regarded as the first genuine scientist in western history.

He made significant and seminal contributions to biology, physics and zoology, and he also influenced thousands of years of thought in aesthetics, metaphysics, linguistics, government and poetry. He tutored Alexander the Great, who spread Greek philosophy to Africa and the Middle East.] RAW STORY





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