Fish to Die For | Piracy and the Unraveling of Industry in Venezuela

A photo essay by Rodrigo Abd

The warm Caribbean sea is increasingly becoming a grim free-for-all | The Bismark Tribune


11/13/16 | Relatives of nine men from a fishing family, who were shot in the head while on their knees, mourn them at the cemetery of Cariaco, Sucre state, Venezuela. Five law enforcement officers were charged with storming the village and killing these men, who were widely thought to be members of a gang | Photo by Rodrigo Abd, AP



11/2/16 | A member of the Marval fishing family, who goes by the nickname El Chukiti, holds a homemade gun as he guards against a possible pirate attack as fishermen unload their catch in Punta de Araya, Sucre state, Venezuela. The family’s self-defense group calls themselves Los Cainos | Photo by Rodrigo Abd, AP



11/3/16 | Emergency room doctor Norka Patino treats a man who was shot in Cumana, Sucre state, Venezuela. Patino, who has been working at the hospital for over 20 years, said she has to use the same needle on various patients, and that many die unnecessarily of heart attacks, diarrhea, asthma and bacteria contracted at the hospital. The band on her arm is the Venezuelan flag accented with a black band to protest the hospital’s lack of basic supplies | Photo by Rodrigo Abd, AP



11/8/16 | Jorge Marval naps in his boat under a plastic sheet after fishing all night, as the sun rises above Punta de Araya. The fishing trade has collapsed along with virtually every industry across Venezuela | Photo by Rodrigo Abd, AP



11/7/16 | Suspects of violent crimes ask police for food, as one holds out money, from inside a cell at the municipal police station in Cumana, Sucre state, Venezuela. While police provide some food, prisoners gets most of it along with drinks from their families | Photo by Rodrigo Abd, AP



11/7/16 | Police are reluctant to make mass arrests of pirates robbing and killing fishermen at sea because jails are already packed full, with prisoners sleeping in shifts at night | Photo by Rdrigo Abd, AP



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