Reckoning with What is Owed — and What Can Never be Repaid — for Racial Privilege

Nietzsche’s “guilt”, whiteness, and what the real cost is to live in the land of another | Oh, and the difference between freedom and liberty

[I once feared buying a house because I didn’t want to be owned. I had saved money with no purpose in mind other than the freedom to do whatever I wanted. Now I’m bound to this house, though I’m still free to lose it if I choose. But that isn’t the version of freedom that interests me at the moment. I’m more compelled by a freedom that would allow me to deserve what I have. Call it liberation, maybe. If debt can be repaid incrementally, resulting eventually in ownership, perhaps so can guilt.

What is the condition of white life? We are moral debtors who act as material creditors. Our banks make bad loans. Our police, like Nietzsche’s creditors, act out their power on black bodies. And, as I see in my own language, we confuse whiteness with ownership.]



A Message to All Humanity

ELANE PHOTOGRAPHY (NM) | Does Not Have a First Amendment Right to Discriminate | Supreme Court Ruling

ELANE PHOTOGRAPHY (NM) | Does Not Have a First Amendment Right to Discriminate | Supreme Court Ruling

ACLU | 7 April 2014

Supreme Court turned away a photography business’s claim that it had a First Amendment right to break New Mexico public accommodations law and discriminate against gay customers.

No court has ever held that a business has a First Amendment right to discriminate in the commercial marketplace. For over 150 years, states have passed public accommodation laws saying that if a business voluntarily decides to open its doors to the public, they can’t pick and choose which customers they will serve.

Death Penalty Redux, Folks| Amnesty International and 5 Myths Debunked

Amnesty International: 5 Death Penalty Myths Debunked